Fire extinguishing systemThe FM-200® (HFC-227ea) Clean Agent fire extinguishing system is the most widely adopted agent of all halocarbon gaseous agents, also universally accepted as the best replacement agent for the Halon 1301. It is a synthetic/chemical fire suppression gas.

The waterless fire protection system is discharged within 10 seconds, and suppresses fire immediately, by removing free radicals or heat elements from the fire triangle (Oxygen, Heat and Fuel).

Suitable for computer rooms, data centres, telecommunications facilities, switch gear, military vehicles, high tech medical applications, pleasure crafts, protected art works and historic landmarks, the FM-200® (HFC-227ea) is used worldwide.


  • Discharges in 10 seconds or less
  • Zero ozone depleting potential
  • Low global warming potential
  • Short atmospheric lifetime
  • Safe for use in occupied areas
  • Active Fire Listing, FM and UL Approved
  • Extinguishing a fire quickly and effectively
  • Reduces loss and damage due to fire and helps ensure business continuity
  • Minimises down time of vital system operations
  • Requires minimal container storage space
  • Superior design performance allows for greater flexibility
  • Best warranty in the fire protection industry

Fire extinguishing system