Digital linear heat detection

Digital linear heat detection cables are conventional-styled heat detectors. These cables are capable of detecting a fire along the length of the cable where installed. Its simple and effective system is often combined with smoke detectors to provide users with an option for an expandable, multi-purpose fire protection system.

Our product range includes a standard two-core cable of various temperature ranges, including the FM-approved heat detector for temperatures below 68 degrees Celsius.

  • The XLT type cable has an alarm temperature of 57 degrees Celsius, and is purpose-built for cool room or freezer environments.
  • The dual-temperature sensor cable is capable of detecting more than one temperature, allowing flexibility in varying environments.
  • The alarm point locator is designed to work with linear heat detection cables to provide information of the location of an alarm point anywhere along the linear heat detection cable

Digital linear heat detection is a cost-efficient and simply way to provide heat detection with continuous detection along its total length.