Video Imaging Detection (VID)

Video Imaging Detection cameras can see and recognise smoke and flames overlooking large spaces at great distances, while providing video surveillance capabilities as a multi-purpose function.

The large capacity of internal storage provides continuous digital video recordings with instant access to current and archived events from virtually anywhere over local and public networks.

Its abilities include:

  • Detecting fires in seconds
  • Supply vital situational awareness in live video to remotely located guards
  • Trigger fire alarms
  • Provide pre-recorded video forensic evidence for potential fire investigations


VID cameras can detect a variety of situations:

  • Presence of flames within the field of view of the camera
  • Reflected fire light when flames are obstructed
  • Presence of pluming smoke clouds
  • Presence of ambient smoke
  • Unauthorised intrusion

Deployed in conjunction with an advanced IP Network Video Recorder (NVR) platform, it is the latest technology that addresses immediate security needs of your organisation, bringing multi-purpose fire alarm systems to a new level.

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