Hybrid Water Mist System

A combination between clean agent inert gas and water, hybrid water mist systems produce mist that maximises the best attributes of each component. Nitrogen is injected into the water stream at the nozzle, which produces tiny droplets that act to reduce the oxygen concentration in the protected area.

The hybrid water mist system produces mist that is essentially dry, which is a boon for premises such as computer rooms and data centres.

  • Droplets are 100 times smaller than water particles
  • Provides 50% improved heat absorption and total extinguishment
  • Almost zero water residue, no water damage
  • Easy and quick extinguishing of small fires in large rooms
  • Works well in naturally ventilated environments

The effectiveness of traditional water mist systems is limited by the drag effect, and this is overcome in hybrid water mist systems because of the energy coming from the injection of nitrogen gas.

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