Technical Expertise


Our technically trained staff are highly capable of conducting inspection and installation of all fire safety products. Any special requirements for installation will be taken into account before the work commences.

Prior to installation, we are also able to conduct an inspection on your sites to assess risk levels and make necessary recommendations for your maximum safety and protection.


If you encounter any issues with your installed fire protection systems or devices, we are always ready to attend to your queries and offer our expertise to aid you and provide a solution.

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Plans Submission

Before any installation work commences, it is necessary to submit fire protection plans and proposals to the relevant authorities, such as the Fire Safety and Shelter Department, and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

This needs the endorsement of Professional Engineers and Registered Inspectors. At Matrix Works Pte Ltd, we are pleased to offer you this service for your convenience.

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Building Fire Certification

Every year, building fire certificates need to renewed to ensure that the systems for fire protection are in place and functioning optimally. We are capable of arranging for Professional Engineer endorsements, as well as the whole process of application and renewal of such certificates.

If you need any form of assistance or more information on our services, feel free to contact us.